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Campus, Street & Golf Course Clocks

By working together with our partners at Chomko LA in Pittsburgh, USA we are delighted to offer a magnificent range of Campus, Street & Golf Course Clocks.

‘Post clocks are something we manufacture and that serve as Golf Course Clocks at golf clubs and as Street Clocks for cities and towns’ – Chomko LA.

The qualities of your clock system should be synonymous with the character of your organization; reliable, tasteful, and enduring.

Installing our Outdoor Solar GPS-Accurate Clocks at your facility not only enhances the look and feel of the grounds but will improve the overall operations by keeping everyone on the exact time all the time.

These clocks are truly one of a kind. The only available outdoor clock that is GPS Time Accurate, Completely Waterproof and 100% Green. They do not require direct sunlight, only a minimal amount of sun is needed. This broadens your options of where you want to place your clock.


We want your solar golf clock to match perfectly your facility in the style, colour and the style of writing on your name plate. Your purchase of a Chomko LA Solar Clock will become a landmark. It creates a place to meet, photo opportunities during member guest events and normal day to day operations. Therefore, we take the necessary design steps so the your nameplate both top and bottom reflect the uniqueness of your golf club.

We want to ensure you are getting the exact clock you envisage. Whether you’re looking for a standard post clock or a customized clock that uniquely fits your facility, we have you covered. As they say it’s all in the details…

Golf Course Clocks


Clock Dial Options

14 Powder Coated Finish Colours

  • Black, Evergreen, Hand Rubbed Bronze, Swedish Silver and many more powdered coated colours to choose from. You can uniquely fit your facility with the exact clock you want.
  • Click on the download on the right to view our colour options

Pole & Base Options

  • 4” Smooth Round
  • 4” Fluted Round
  • 4” Fluted Square


  • Single or Dual Face with Prominent 24” Clock Display
  • Three nameplate styles to proudly display your facility name
  • Lettering is available in gold or silver, any font style
  • Display boards
  • Available in several sizes, these display boards attach to the pole and are a great communication tool to keep your members/patrons up to date on recent events. Click for design sheet.
  • Want to add a little something extra to your clock? We can paint the trim of the nameplate, base, and/or pole to give your clock that unique look.
  • If you are unsure of the design, we will send you a few options to give you an idea and get you the exact clock you’re looking for.

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