Wireless Clock Synchronisation Solutions

A perfect solution for use in all markets. Innovation Wireless can provide your building with maintenance free wireless time synchronisation solutions that improve operating efficiency, increase productivity, and offer greater cost savings. The new generation of wireless timekeeping has greatly enhanced and simplified the way schools, hospitals, businesses and organisations operate and manage time.

Innovation Wireless has embraced the power of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) to successfully accomplish this. Our system is simple, easy to install and maintain, and guarantees precise synchronisation of clocks throughout all types of facilities. To learn more about our clock synchronisation solutions for specific applications please click on the links below.

Primary & Secondary School Synchronised Clocks and Bell Systems


Synchronized School House Clocks & School Bell Systems From Innovation WirelessSchools face increasing demand for improving how students learn and how administrators can afford new technology that contributes to such improvement. Innovation Wireless offers Wireless School Clock systems as well as school bell systems.


College/University Wireless Clock Synchronisation Solutions


College & University Wireless Clock SystemsColleges and Universities focus on creating an environment in which to instill academic excellence. Wireless clocks from Innovation Wireless will provide your campus with one unified source of synchronised time.


Healthcare & Hospital Synchronised Wireless Clock Systems


Healthcare & Hosptial Synchronized Clock SystemsHospitals rely tremendously on the ability to record time accurately throughout every department. Innovation Wireless offers hospital personnel the ability to keep all clocks throughout your medical facility synchronised.


Industrial/Manufacturing Synchronised Wireless Clock Systems


Industrial & Manufacturing synchronized wireless clocksYour facility’s ability to function orderly and efficiently, keeping all equipment and machinery working together systematically, is critical to maintain peak operational effectiveness. Wireless Clocks from Innovation Wireless will keep every clock synchronised in your facility so everything runs like clock work.


Commercial and Office Building Clock Synchronisation


Commercial & Business Synchronized wireless ClocksBusinesses must operate efficiently. Today more than ever, the corporate workplace must function in an orderly and systematic manner to have a positive impact on the bottom line. With a wireless clock system from Innovation Wireless your office building clocks will be synchronised from the boardroom to the lunchroom.


Government Building Wireless Clock Synchronisation


Government Facilities Synchronized wireless Clocks

It has become a daunting task for government workers to keep up with continually increased responsibilities. Government facilities can now achieve complete wireless time synchronisation of all clocks throughout all buildings.



Need Help Finding The Right Wireless Clock System For Your Site?

Contact Innovation Wireless Today. Our sales staff can help you create a synchronised wireless clock system for your site.

View our complete line of wireless synchronised clock systems by clicking on the links below:

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