The KRONOsync® Wireless Clock System 

How It Works

  • The KRONOsync® wireless clock system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites for acquiring time signals that are accurate to the second. The satellites send a signal to a GPS receiver (mounted on a roof structure, side wall or interior window) which is connected through a cable to the KRONOsync® transmitter.
  • A UHF signal is then transmitted locally from the master clock (transmitter) to every remote clock (and other devices) in the system, keeping them all synchronised.
  • Installation is simple and there is no maintenance needed. This of course equating to no maintenance contract or cost.

The KRONOsync® wireless clock system is also engineered to receive Network Time Protocol (NTP), an alternative method for synchronising clocks using a computer system over packet-switched data networks. By simply plugging a network Ethernet cable into our NTP receiver, which is connected by a cable to the transmitter, all system clocks in your facility will be synchronised to the second.

It should be noted that this system was originally devised, in part, as a solution to the problems commonly associated with so-called ‘atomic clocks’ or ‘radio controlled clocks’ on commercial or institutional sites. For fuller details on this, please SEE THIS from our colleagues in the USA.


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