Days Without Accident Signs

Days Without Accident Sign
50x50 cm Days Without Accident Sign with single counter of 4 x 8cm Red Digit

These Days Without Accident Signs are designed and manufactured for building sites, industrial and power generation locations together with a host of other demanding environments. They are naturally both rugged and have an Ingress Protection rating of IP54. They are manufactured in the EU under strict quality and environmental regimes. The factory is proud to boast its accreditation to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.



The Days Without AccidentSigns can include from one to five counters. Each counter can work in one of the following modes:

1. Automatic counting of consecutive days mode

The display works as a clock, adding the value +1 every 24 hours. In this way, consecutive passing days are counted. This counter can be reset (enter “0”) using the push button mounted, for example, on the wall under the board. There is also an option of entering the initial value using the coded remote control (for example 120) – this option is necessary in case of purchasing the counter to the already working plant or in the event of an involuntary reset by the push button.

In the event of a momentary power failure, the clock still counts, and its current value is maintained.

2. Constant value display mode

The device displays the constant value entered by the Health and Safety at Work officer until it is amended. The modification of the values is carried out by a coded remote control.

In the event of a momentary power failure, the entered value is maintained by the Days Without Accident Sign automatically.



Even standard-priced Days Without Accident Signs may be customised. For this, simply send us your graphic design containing your logo, descriptions and designations. This graphic will be placed on the front of the scoreboard.

The project should include rectangular holes for the LED counters.

The frame around the scoreboard is made of aluminium which is powder coated in black.

Days Without Accident Sign Design Examples

LED Digits

We offer two types of digits:

Segment digits (standard, cost-effective solution) – the device has fixed font.

Available heights digits (16cm, 24cm, 40cm)

Segment Digits

An example of Segment Digit font face.

Segment Digit Font Face

Matrix digits (modern, rounded fonts) – the device has variable font.

Available heights digits (24cm, 30cm, 35cm)

Matrix Digits

An example of Matrix Digit font face.

Matrix Digit Font Face

Available LED colours (red, amber, yellow, green, blue)

LED Colours Available

Coded Remote Control

To control the scoreboard, an infrared remote control is used. Each copy of the remote control has a unique code, so there is no possibility of unauthorised changes by unauthorised individuals. Along with the scoreboard, one remote control assigned to this scoreboard is supplied. One remote control can support up to five counters. You can buy more remote control units and program them to operate the scoreboard by yourself.

IR Remote Control

Push Button

Optionally, the scoreboard can be equipped with a push button used for resetting the counted days. The button is connected to the scoreboard by a cable. The design of the button provides Ingress Protection of class IP67, which enables placing it also in the areas subject to splashing liquid or dust. It is also possible to mount the button outdoors.


Automatic Brightness Adjustment

All scoreboards have light sensors so that the intensity of digit luminescence could adjust to the brightness of the environment. This functionality ensures full readability in direct sunlight as well as eliminates the possibility of dazzling the observers with too strong light. With the automatic adjustment, manual operation when setting brightness is not needed.

In addition to the automatic adjustment, there is the possibility to block the brightness on the fixed level selected by the user.

A Selection of Popular Signs

Popular Sign 1

Width: 90cm
Height: 25cm

3 Digits – Segment 16cm

Popular Sign 2


Width: 160cm
Height: 90cm
(Area: 1,44m2)

3 Digits – Matrix 24cm
3 Digits – Matrix 24cm

Popular Sign 3


Width: 160cm
Height: 90cm
(Area: 1,44m2)

2 Digits – Segment 16cm
3 Digits – Segment 16cm
3 Digits – Segment 16cm

Days Without Accident Signs

To receive your Quick Quote for one or more signs, please provide us with the information you require to be displayed using the Quote Request Form, or drop us a line using the contact form below or just call us free on 08000 248 091. Alternatively, send us an Email.

Complement your sign with a Weatherproof Clock from our range. Attach an external audio device such as a sounder, buzzer or bell and programme the on-board scheduling software to close or open built-in electrical relays at pre-determined times.

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In addition to the 24 month warranty, we also offer FREE DELIVERY to any UK mainland destination plus unparalleled after-sales support.

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