Pharmacy Crosses


Pharmacy Crosses

Prestige Line Pharmacy Crosses will help your pharmacy to stand out in the crowd. All of our crosses are made of LED ultra bright diodes, thereby ensuring readability even in bright sunlight. No need to worry about the cost of energy – these LED displays are energy efficient devices. Crosses are available in single and double-sided versions.

Designed and manufactured in the EU in an ISO9001 accredited system. A high quality product in all respects.


Types Available


Model Height Width Thickness Weight Power Consumption
(single sided)
80cm 190cm 4.5cm 5kg 10W
(double sided)
80cm 250cm 10cm 15kg 20W



Displays “PHARMACY” and three LED rings

–  Choice of different language versions (max.8 letters)

– Automatic brightness regulation (4 levels of brightness)

– Each ring and each sign letter can be displayed with different brightness levels

– Available 21 different animations, eg

• permanently displaying “PHARMACY” flashing one of three rings at a time

• flashing “PHARMACY” flashing one of three rings at a time,

• constantly displaying sign “PHARMACY” with chosen flashing ring, etc.

– Operated with infrared remote control (on/off option, changing the animation)

– Displays previously selected animation after power failure

Available Colours

Pharmacy Crosses

Green – Red – Amber – Yellow – Blue

Installation Examples


Paralell (on the wall)

Perpendicular to the wall


IR Remote Control

Control by Infra-Red Remote

And Finally

Complement your Pharmacy Cross with a Weatherproof Clock from our range. Attach an external audio device such as a sounder, buzzer or bell and programme the on-board scheduling software to close or open built-in electrical relays at pre-determined times.

Show your customers and passers by up to the minute announcements and stunning advertisements in either mono or multi-colour using one of our Text and Graphics Displays.

In addition to the 12 month warranty, we also offer FREE DELIVERY to any UK mainland destination plus unparalleled after-sales support.

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