KRONOsync® Wireless Time Synchronisation Transmitter

KRONOsync Transmitter

The future of Wireless Time Synchronisation is here, with the powerful KRONOsync® Transmitter. Small, light, and maintenance free, this simplistic “Plug and Play” system is the perfect solution for providing Accurate, Reliable, Synchronised Time throughout buildings and facilities of various sizes and applications.


  • GPS/NTP Time Synchronisation
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Sleek, Stylish, Compact
  • 10 Selectable Channels (Pre-Programmed)
  • World Time Zones (Pre-Programmed)
  • LCD Time/Date/Month/Year Display
  • Automatically Adjusts for BST/GMT and After Power Outages
  • Simplistic 2 Button Operation
  • Small Rear Mounted Antenna
  • AM/PM Indicator
  • Maintenance Free

Part Numbers:

Transmitter – Standard
Part # 101005
Part # 101005MB (Message Board)

Transmitter – High Power
Part # 101005X
Part # 101005MBX (Message Board)
(Includes External Antenna)

Part # 101006
(Provides additional coverage where an enhanced signal is needed.)

Includes: Transmitter, Antenna, GPS or NTP Receiver, AC Power Supply, 1 year warranty, Rack Mount Bracket (optional).





The KRONOsync transmitter is at the heart of the Innovation Wireless clock system. This powerful transmitter has been providing schools, colleges and universities with synchronised school clocks, hospitals with maintenance free clocks and manufacturing/business with accurate wall clocks for years.

A wireless clock system is a paging application. The transmitter broadcasts or pages the clocks with the time code so that all the clocks tuned to the frequency can receive the time code and update their electronic quartz movement thereby ensuring that the clocks are always accurate.

Our standard clocks have become the industry norm for school clocks when a school is in need of sync clocks. These clocks operate on two D cell batteries and receive their time from the KRONOsync transmitter. They receive an accurate time update everyday 4 hours. Additionally, they automatically adjust for British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time in the spring and autumn.

The KRONOsync transmitter broadcast coverage range can extend to approximately 300,000 square feet. If you are unsure about the square footage of your facility this is not a problem. One of our knowledgeable sales people can determine what will be needed to cover your complete facility. We cover complete campuses, multiple buildings or single high rise buildings.

The KRONOsync transmitter can be outfitted with an external antenna in order to provide coverage in a campus setting. The antenna size is small enough so that it is aesthetically unobtrusive and suitable for any rooftop. The transmitter itself must be located within a building where it is protected from extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

When the coverage area is larger than 300,000 square feet you also have the option of using a repeater to provide the additional coverage. By using repeater (s) or external antennas we can ensure complete coverage of your facilities.

The KRONOsync repeater will add about 250,000 additional square footage of coverage. The reason the repeater does not achieve the same coverage area that the transmitter achieves is because the repeater must be placed within the coverage area of the transmitter in order to repeat the signal. The result is that the signal will overlap to a certain point.

Our engineering of the transmitter makes for an extremely simple installation. The transmitter has two sources of time to choose from. One option is to retrieve time from GPS satellites. This option is very simple; just plug the GPS receiver into the back of the transmitter. The receiver itself is no bigger than a small doughnut. The receiver comes with a mounting bracket providing you with different mounting options. It has suction cups on it so that it can be mounted directly onto a window. It also has screws so that it can be screwed into a permanent structure outside and it comes with a U bolt so that it can be mounted to a pole.

The second option is via NTP (Network Time Protocol). This is also a very simple process whereby our NTP receiver is connected to the back of the transmitter and to the Ethernet network. Either GPS or NTP will provide the clock sync necessary so all the clocks display accurate time.

Once the transmitter recognizes the time source it will broadcast the time code immediately throughout your facility. Load batteries into the battery operated clocks and they will sync with the transmitter and display accurate time. The LED Digital Display Clocks will receive their time instantly when they are plugged into an electrical outlet.

The KRONOsync transmitter is the most powerful transmitter on the market and is the heart of our clock system. It can provide complete coverage from a single building to multiple buildings or a complete campus. If you are interested in receiving a budgetary quote please fill out the Quotation Form and we will provide you a quote to solve your clock problem.

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