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Innovation Wireless Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for Innovation Wireless of Culver City, California, USA.

From our United Kingdom base in Long Bennington, Nottinghamshire we specialise in Synchronised Time and Notification Systems. Our product lines are installed in schools, universities, hospitals, government and commercial organisations throughout the world. These products are of the highest quality, simple to use and easy to install.  We couple our product line with outstanding customer service and technical support.

Wireless Clock Systems

KRONOsync Wireless Clock System
KRONOsync Wireless clocks

One of the main bastions of our Synchronised Time & Notification System offering is the KRONOsync® Wireless Clock System which uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites for acquiring time signals that are accurate to the second.

The satellites send a signal to a GPS receiver (mounted on the inside of a window, on a pole or a side wall) which is connected through a cable to the KRONOsync® Transmitter.

This wireless synchronised clock system is truly ‘Plug and Play’ technology and fully automatic.

WiFi Clocks

WiFi Analogue Clock
4" Digital

Our WiFi Clocks enable you to use your existing Wi-Fi Network to provide your organisation with synchronised accurate reliable time displays.

There is no need for a physical Master Clock. The included Wi-Fi configuration software will provide the necessary clock configuration and the time source. The analogue clocks operate on 4 D Cell and automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

Wireless Tone Generator/Bell Controller

Tone Generator - Bell Controller

Accurately synchronise your existing bell system with the clocks on the wall or individually with a Wireless Tone Generator & Bell Controller.

Easy to install scheduler software allows you to maintain order and eliminate confusion and chaos within your facility when the clocks and bells are in sync.

Note: Requires use of the KRONOsync® Transmitter. Bell not included.

Session Change Scheduler

Network Relay Controller

Network Relay Controller

Innovation Wireless has a customer-oriented approach to our engineering. We strive to make our product user-friendly. Our bell system products are part of our family of synchronised clock systems and public address speaker systems.

This new Network Relay Controller uses your existing ethernet time and switches bells or buzzers at scheduled times throughout the day.

Network Relay Controller

Programmable Bell Scheduler

Programmable Scheduler

This Programmable Bell Scheduler with time and date display will activate your school class change bells, factory break and start time buzzers and sounders, open and close electrically operated doors, barriers etc. All easily set up and revised via a browser control panel and/or an IR remote control. This device is equally at home in a reception office or in a plant room. Clear and concise 5cm digital display of the time and date legible at up to 20m away. PoE+ (Single Cable for Power & Time Source), NTP or GPS Time Sources. IP66 rated.

GPS Time

Weatherproof Clocks

Weatherproof LED Digital Display Clocks
30cm and 40cm Versions

Whether your site is a school, university, hospital, factory, warehouse, pharmaceutical plant, port, airport, office complex or any other location where weatherproof (IP66 rated) clocks are needed to inform time, date and (optional) temperature (air or water), this range of products fulfills all requirements.

Multiple options for power, colour, digit height, synchronisation, display and much more available via either IR Remote Control or browser based menus.

Check out IEC IP Ratings Explained.

Larger Digits Versions. 27cm and 40cm digits in both 4 and 6-digit types. IP67 rated.

Airport & Rain

Flush Mount Clocks

Flush Mount Clocks ZAM5-L PoE & ZBM5-L PoE for operating theatres, laboratories and other clean room environments
ZB5-L Flush

Flush Mount Clocks in stainless steel casing and glass lens, specifically designed for operating theatres, laboratories and clean room environments. Environmental protection rating of IP66.

Power and synchronisation is achieved via a single network cable utilising Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3at Mode A (PoE+) 

Manufactured in the EU under strict compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Quality Assurance and Environment Management Systems.

Wired remote control

Wireless Solar Outdoor Clocks

24" Solar Outdoor Clock
GPS Time

Innovation Wireless Solar Clocks are the perfect solution for providing exact second time in any and all outdoor applications. Environment protection rating IP65.

Hi-tech stainless construction, 100% weatherproof and synchronised by either the KRONOsync® Transmitter or direct GPS, these large clocks can be easily viewed at key locations around a variety of facilities such as Schools, Campuses, Shopping Malls, Courtyards, Sports Grounds, Golf Clubs, Municipal Centres and many more.

Broughton Fields Primary School, Milton Keynes

Indoor Digital Clocks

ZAS-10 and ZBS-10

Indoor Digital Clocks. Smart, powder coated steel construction. 100mm high digits. PoE (Power over Ethernet) power and network synchronisation with browser control or IR remote.

This unique range of Indoor Digital Clocks is available with 4 and 6 digit displays. With an approximate viewing distance of up to 35-40m, these clocks are ideal for indoor use in schools, collecges, universities, offices, commercial settings etc.

Indoor Digital Clock ZAS-10L PoE

SMART Speaker Systems

PA Speakers

Our advanced SMART series speaker technology is applied into our WiFi and PoE speakers. These speakers come in a standard speaker and a high powered speaker.

Our technology also allows you to combine both WiFi and PoE speakers. In addition to everyday public address audio operations for paging, scheduling and intercommunication, these SMART Speakers can also be used in conjunction with other devices such as SMART Message Boards and Emergency Notification Switches to provide an extremely flexible Emergency Notification System.

Emergency buttons

SMART Message Boards

Small Msg Board
Large Msg Board

Our IP–PoE SMART Message Boards are vital for communicating safety messages, announcements and informing of upcoming events throughout your school, campus, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility or corporate offices.

Check our Multi-Function Board offering static or rolling message texts, a built in loudspeaker and LED strobe light. Live audio broadcasts as well as preprogrammed speech or sound bytes via our SMART Speaker Systems. All of which can be triggered using our Emergency Notification Switches.

Multi Function Board
Emergency Switches
PoE Sync

Weighing Displays


These Weighing Displays are designed and manufactured for use with the scales (see list) at ports, weigh-bridges, road-side weighing stations together with a host of other demanding environments. They are naturally both rugged and weatherproof. 

Pharmacy Crosses

Pharmacy Crosses

Our Pharmacy Crosses will help your pharmacy to stand out in the crowd. All of our crosses are made of LED ultra bright diodes, ensuring readability even in bright sunlight. LED displays are energy efficient devices. Crosses are available in single and double-sided versions.

Pharmacy Crosses

Days Without Accident Signs

Days Without Accident Signs
Days Without Accident Sign

These Days Without Accident Signs are designed and manufactured for building sites, industrial and power generation locations together with a host of other demanding environments. They are naturally both rugged and weatherproof. Manufactured in the EU under strict quality and environmental regimes. 

Building Site



Electronic Scoreboards provide a clear and legible display of the current score and minute progress of the game. The perfect solution for all manner of team sports events whether in schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs or other spectator events.

Sport Fixture

Price Change Units

Electronic Price Change Units

ECPUs (Electronic Price Change Units)for filling station price towers. Super-bright Outdoor Long Life LEDs ensure good visibility and legibility in all weather conditions, even in the summer sun exposure. Each display has the ability of merging digit modules – setting them next to each other in order to build a display device from 1 to 6 digits. Such possibility – thanks to the optional aluminium installation adapter – creates a product ready to be mounted in the tower or pylon right after taking it out of the box!.

Sport Fixture

LED Screens

LED Screens

Outdoor LED Screens for effective video advertising and a convenient legible method of conveying information (i.e. in trade, services, tourism, sport, offices and so on). Unique technological solutions, applied in the process of development and production, allowed us to create a LED screen modular structure, which enables unlimited size configurations (within the module). 


Innovation Wireless Overview

Innovation Wireless is an industry leading manufacturer of Synchronised Time and Notification Systems. Our product line includes the KRONOsync® Wireless Clock System, WiFi Sync and PoE Sync clock ranges as well as the IP–PoE SMART Message Boards, Emergency Notification Switches and SMART Speaker Systems. Weatherproof clocks plus other, specialised products complete our total offereng. Our present day product line is built on a foundation of more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of clocks, clock parts and components.

By specialising in Wireless Clocks, Bell SystemsDigital Messaging and electronic signage we serve markets in Healthcare, Primary and Secondary Schools,  Higher Education, Manufacturing, General Business and Commerce as well as Government Facilities. These products in timekeeping and communications have greatly enhanced and simplified the way our customers operate and manage their organisations. Our systems are simple to use and easy to install and maintain and our customers include some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

Our engineering and technology expertise has positioned us as an innovator and leader in the field of advanced clock solutions and Notification Communication Products.

In every market we serve our engineering advances not only to improve existing products but also to develop products that will save our customers time and money.

Welcome to our on-line pages, we hope that you will enjoy browsing through our information.

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