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Programmable Bell Scheduler

Use this Programmable Bell Scheduler to schedule your school class change bells, factory break and start-time buzzers and sounders, open and close electrically operated doors, gates, barriers etc. All easily set up and revised via a Browser Control Panel and/or an Infra-Red Remote Control. This device is equally at home in a reception office or in a plant room. Clear and concise 5cm digital display of the time and date legible at up to 20m away. PoE+ (single cable for power and time source), NTP or GPS Time Sources.

  • 240VAC or PoE+ Power Supply
  • Network Time (NTP) or GPS Time Source
  • Up to 30 Unique Schedules
  • 4 Digit Display 5cm High
  • 6 LED Colours Available (Standard = Red)
  • Max Load 5A (relays)
  • “On” Duration: 1 – 59 Seconds
  • Normally Open Relay Contacts
  • Count Up. Count Down & Stop-Watch Functions
  • Browser Control Panel (NTP/PoE)
  • Infra Red Remote Control (GPS)
  • Wall Mounting (with Bracket)
  • Indoor or Outdoor, IP66 Rated

The Programmable Bell Scheduler offers a simple choice of time source and power:


  1. PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) for single Network cable with both signal (NTP) and power. Browser Control Panel.
  2. GPS (GPS antenna with 10m cable attached) and local AC power. Infra-Red Remote Control.
  3. Network connection (NTP) with local AC power and Browser Control Panel.

Layout Schematics

Layout schematic

Programmable Bell Scheduler Specifications


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