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‘Punctuality is an important life skill. It is also polite.’ From an actual school Attendance Policy.

Primary and Secondary Schools face increasing demand for improving how students learn and how administrators can afford new technology that contributes to such improvement. Learning, scheduling and time management go hand in hand. Accurate, synchronised, wireless clocks and school bells throughout your school can play a vital role in meeting these needs.

Teaching will be more productive and classes more orderly when students move to and from classrooms on time. No more excuses that “the clocks were wrong” or the clocks and bells were not synchronised. Your school administrators will have peace of mind knowing that each facility is running efficiently and the clocks and bells throughout the school are synchronised.

Custodial and site personnel no longer need to spend unnecessary time and money on continual repair and replacement of old, failed or failing hard wired clock systems. The need to set and synchronise clocks in the school buildings manually will also become a thing of the past.

Adding a tone generator to your school’s wireless clock system will give school administrators the ability to sync the school clocks and bell systems quickly and easily.

The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronised Time System will accomplish all this and more.


  • Improve teaching effectiveness with students on time for class
  • Eliminate confusion and disruptions, focusing on more efficient learning
  • Create order by having class change bells in-sync with clocks
  • Reduced maintenance for custodial staff
  • Greater savings on replacements. No repairs
  • Add a tone generator to form a complete ‘plug and play’ school bell system

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Some of Our Primary and Secondary School Customers Include:

The UCL Academy
St Catherine's School
Balby Central Academy
Foxwood Academy
Sparken Hill Academy
All Saints CE Primary School

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