Digital LED Countdown Timer

This multifunction Digital LED Countdown Timer provides your facility with precision count-up/count-down capabilities. A switch control allows user to operate the timer in multiple modes. When not in timer mode, it functions as a stand alone synchronised clock.

Countdown Timer

2.5" x 6-Digit Digital LED Countdown Timer with white LEDs

2.5″ (6.35cm) 6 Digit Red LED Timer
Part # 633007

2.5" x 6-Digit Digital LED Countdown Timer with red LED

2.5″ (6.35cm) 6 Digit White LED Timer
Part # 633002

Switch Controller

Digital LED Countdown Timer Switch Controller


  • Modern, Contoured Style
  • Highly Visible LED Display
  • 2.5″ (6.35cm) 6-digit, Red or White LED
  • Count-Down Timer Mode Displays Time Remaining
  • Count-Up Timer Mode Displays Elapsed Time
  • Audible Alarm at the End of Timer Mode
  • 12/24 hr. clock display when not in timer mode
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST


Our Digital LED Countdown Timer can be used for many different applications. The number one market is the healthcare industry.

These countdown timers provide a crucial function in the operating rooms of many hospitals. The countdown timer provides three main functions. It display accurate and synchronised time when it is not in timer mode, it can perform a countdown function, and it can perform a count up function.

The countdown and count up functions are controlled by a switch controller. The switch controller is a single panel that is connected to the digital display by a cable. The single panel fits into a single gang box.

The switch controller has an easy to understand panel to start a timed procedure. The first step is to set a time. If an event was to take 30 minutes the timer could be toggled to 30 minutes and then the countdown or count up can be started with a push of the start button. The countdown function will show the time remaining whereas the count up function will show the time elapsed.

The countdown timer can be used for other areas outside of healthcare. For example, if a testing room wanted to use a countdown clock to control an event the countdown timer is perfect during a timed event.

When the countdown timer is not being used it functions just like our LED Digital Display Clocks. The clock will receive its time from the transmitter and display accurate time.

The LED countdown timer’s ability to function as an accurate synchronised clock and switch easily to the countdown or count up function makes it ideal for many different applications.

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