Weatherproof Clocks

Manufactured in the EU, these fully Weatherproof Clocks (IP66) with accurate GPS or NTP (LAN) time sources, automatic brightness sensors, built-in relays (operates factory sounders, school bells or other external equipment at desired times), count up and count-down timers, stop-watch function & and optional Temperature Sensor offer the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor application.

Typical Indoor and Outdoor Applications:


  • schools, colleges and universities, manufacturing and production areas, laboratories, distribution centres
  • offices and receptions, fitness centres and swimming pools, workplaces, halls, corridors, waiting rooms
  • emergency services control rooms, power generation plants
  • over building entrances (as an element of the façade raising the prestige), open sports facilities
  • stations, platforms, airports, passenger information, logistics centres
  • inside public transport vehicles
  • in pylons, welcome signs and advertising totems



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From back; ZB-20, ZB-10 and ZA-5

Dixons Allerton Academy, Bradford

Models Available

The models in our ‘Prestige Line’ category are all wall mount types with low-profile mounting brackets at the rear.
Models in the Hermetic range are primarily designed for installation in ‘flush-mount’ applications (no mounting brackets supplied).

Synchronisation Methods

All models are available with the following synchronisation methods:

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Receiver

  • A GPS Receiver is factory fitted and comes with 10m cable. The receiver is mounted to an outside wall having a clear and unimpeded ‘view’ of the sky (any direction). Atomic Time signals then keep the clock (or clocks) at an exceptionally high degree of accuracy. Set up is achieved using an IR (Infra-Red) remote control.

NTP Receiver (Network Time Protocol)

  • An NTP interface is built in to the clock itself. 10m of ethernet cable with a standard RJ45 jack fitted is connected to the site network. Using the clock’s browser interface, it may then be set up to receive the time from one of two sources, namely:
    • The site’s own local time server, or
    • Any public remote time server (requires Internet access).


For full details of standard and optional features please download the brochure HERE


Large Digits Versions

Large Digits Versions – Features

✅ ‘Hermetic’ technology

✅ Super bright wide-angle selected LEDs

✅ Legibility in all weather conditions, even in direct sunlight (UV Pro Surface anti-reflection coating, automatic brightness control)

✅ UV resistant

✅ Module construction, easy installation and maintenance

✅ Additional functions: alarm, stopwatch, timer

✅ Clocks are operational via LAN interface, optionally with coded remote controllers

✅ Conjunction capability with other clocks in MASTER-SLAVE system

✅ Synchronisation with NTP server

✅Optional accesories: GPS receiver, temperature probe, audible signalling device

✅ As standard clocks are wall mounted, optionally hanging or perpendicular brackets are available

✅ On special request also double-sided devices are offered

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