Price Change Units

PM Series

Price Change Units

PS Series

These Price Change Units are designed and manufactured for demanding environments. They are naturally both rugged and weatherproof and are manufactured in the EU under strict quality and environmental regimes. The factory is proud to boast its accreditation to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Our Price Change Units for filling station pylons are a modern element of petrol station management. Application of Super-bright Outdoor Long Life LEDs ensure good visibility and legibility in all weather conditions, even in the summer sun exposure. The choice of LED digit’s height and colour allows to adjust the device to customer needs. The thin-profile casing gives the possibility to modernise existing pylons. Easy installation, few controlling options, possibility to turn off any price and a flash effect are the additional advantages arising from the application of our LED Price Displays. Moreover, our devices are made in modular technology, along with with high degree of protection against external factors (IP 67).

Each display has the ability of merging digit modules – setting them next to each other in order to build a display device from 1 to 6 digits. Such possibility – thanks to the optional aluminium installation adapter – creates a product ready to be mounted in the pylon right after taking it out of the box!. The manufacturer guarantees spare parts inventory, service and the ability to modify our products. The displays are operational with coded remote controllers. Optionally, you can control our Price Change Units via LAN, WiFi or Radioline via our price management software – RGB Pylon or with some of the most popular communication protocols on the market, such as V 11, Tokheim, Petro Vend, Dresser Wayne, IFSF, etc. Our LED price displays are also supported by specialised forecourt controllers: DOMS PSS 5000, Hectronic, Unicode, etc.

PM Series Digit

PM Series

To meet client expectations, the manufacturer has created the PM Series price modules, which, thanks to LED matrix design, allows to customise the displays by choosing a font type from several available styles. This solution allows to distinguish our price displays from others on the market. Another advantage of our LED Price Change Units is high degree of protection against external factors – IP67.

PS Series Digit

PS Series

The PS Series of our electronic Price Change Units, is based on the technology used in our flagship PM Series, so it fulfils the highest requirements regarding the immunity of external factors – IP67 and it also has the same high quality. Thanks to the segment design, less LEDs are used per module, so this offer is particularly directed to more economical Clients. It should be emphasised that despite a limited number of font shapes to choose from, these displays continue to present modern and attractive look to the viewers.

Standard Digit Sizes*

Standard Digit Sizes

* Customisation of font shape and sizes is available for larger projects.

Available LED colours: red, amber, yellow, green, blue and white

LED Colours

Main Features

  • super bright wide-angle selected LEDs
  • UV resistant LEDs
  • high environmental protection rating (IP 67)
  • easy installation and maintenance from the front side of a tower
  • automatic brightness sensor
  • option to select up to 5 decimal points
  • modular construction
  • easy to clean (with pressure washers)

Accessories and Control Options

Frame module

Aluminium Mounting Adapter

This aluminum frame is designed as a special adapter in which the digit modules, power supply and connection box are properly mounted, thereby forming a set ready for quick and easy installation in the tower. The adapter is made of high quality powder coated aluminum.


The standard controller is equipped with 2 units of coded radio remote controls which provides for a quick and easy price changing capability. The range of remotes in open areas is up to 100 metres. Optional controlling methods can be via a LAN or Wi-Fi interface. The controller (regardless of the selected option) has, as standard an RS485 interface, additionally it’s compatible with the most popular communication protocols and forecourt controllers, such as: DOMS, Scheidt & Bachmann, Tokheim, PetroVend, Dresser Wayne, Hectronic, UniCode, IFSF, etc.



Additional wireless transmission module used for changing the prices on the displays. It provides a stable industrial connection between the pylon and the filling station.

RGB Pylon

Free software which allows to change the prices on the displays and display parameters (brightness, visual effects, etc.) using a computer.

RGB pylon is compatible with all controlling interfaces.


Complement your display with a Weatherproof Clock from our range. These may be either independent surface mounting or flush mounted in a matching style Attach an external audio device such as a sounder, buzzer or bell and programme the on-board scheduling software to close or open built-in electrical relays at pre-determined times.

Show your staff and visitors up to the minute announcements and stunning advertisements in either mono or multi-colour using one of our Text and Graphics Displays.

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