Brushed Aluminium Clocks

Add a sophisticated touch to your facility. Brushed Aluminium Clocks offer an upscale, high tech look that will enhance any décor.

13″ (33.02cm)

Part # 510016 – Battery

Part # 512006 – Electric (240 VAC)

Part # 511006 – Electric (24 VAC)


 16″ (40.64cm) Double Sided Wall Mount

Part # 520026 – Battery

Part # 522026 – Electric (240 VAC)

Part # 521026 – Electric (24 VAC



 13″ (33.02cm)

Part # 510006L – Battery
LCDLCD Display (Month, Date and Day)

 16″ (40.64cm) Double Sided Ceiling Mount

Part # 520016 – Battery

Part # 522016 – Electric (240 VAC)

Part # 521016 – Electric (24 VAC)


Dial Options: Additional Custom Logo Designs Available

Standard Arabic 12/60

Part No: SA60

Classic Arabic

Part No: CA00

Standard Military 12/24

Part No: SM24


  • Brushed Aluminium Cases
  • Glass Lens
  • Sophisticated Metallic Appearance
  • Battery (2 D-Cell) or Electric 240/24 VAC
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free


When your need for synchronised clocks is also combined with the desire to have a more sophisticated look and feel then our Brush Aluminium Analogue Clocks offers you the best of both worlds.

Our aluminium clocks have a wonderful brushed aluminium frame delivering an upscale look that will enhance any environment. These clocks are especially desirable in hospital environments and in office settings.

Our aluminium analogue clock’s quality starts with the movement. We use the Takane movement. The Takane movement is an extremely high precision movement and is considered the number one movement in the clock industry. The movement’s case is ABS with glass fiber. This material is extremely strong and will hold its dimensions in cold or hot temperatures.

All press dies and molds for this movement are from top grade hardened steel material. The gears are made with Acetal material instead of ABS. Acetal gears provide the quality needed for extended product life. To achieve superior battery life we increased the amount of copper wire on our bobbin. The end result is that our battery operated clocks will operate about 5 years on 2 D cell batteries.

The back of the clock is completely enclosed. One of the main reasons for electronic component failure is dirt and dust. This enclosure of the clock’s back keeps the dirt and dust out. The main integrated circuit board in our clock is from Nippon Precision Circuit in Japan, a well-respected manufacturing company. The quartz crystal is from Epson, one of the top three quartz crystal manufacturers in the world.

The clock quality is important because our customers expect to hang the clock on the wall and enjoy its performance not have to maintain its performance. In the healthcare industry accurate clocks are important for legal issues, insurance issues and medical issues.

We offer two sizes of the brushed aluminium clocks. At 13″ or 16″ these clock sizes are ideal for any size room. They are available in a battery powered option along with an electric option. An optional mounting bracket allows the 16″ clock to be mounted from the ceiling or from a side wall. This is perfect for dual sided hallway clocks.

The 13″ clock is available with a LCD panel that displays the day and month. This LCD panel is located on the front of the dial face making for an excellent digital display of the day and month.

Our aluminium clocks are built with a receiver module that is tuned to our KRONOsync transmitter which broadcasts the updated time code. The aluminium clocks will open their receiver modules 6 times in every 24 hours to receive the updated time code.

These synchronised wireless clocks will keep accurate time and automatically adjust for daylight savings time. If you need assistance in writing a specification for a clock system or master clock system please visit our specification section.

We are proud to offer this line of aluminium clocks with the availability of 3 dial face options. We offer a Standard Arabic, a Classical Arabic and a Standard Military 12/24. The Standard Military option is a must for the healthcare industry. The charting of time in a healthcare environment is performed with a 24 hour notation or as some people call military time.

When a hospital installs a wireless clock system they typically match different styles of clock to meet the needs of nurses and doctors. For example, our countdown timers in the operating rooms provide a specific function. These timers display regular time but can easily be switched to a countdown or count up timer when the medical procedure requires this functionality.

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