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Your manufacturing and industrial facility’s ability to function orderly and efficiently, keeping all equipment and machinery working together systematically, is critical to maintain peak operational effectiveness. You pride yourself on successfully managing large facilities, sometimes multiple buildings, while still being able to produce products and complete orders on time and on budget. However, accomplishing this can be a difficult task if the method of time distribution used within your plant is inaccurate and unreliable.

The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronised Time System will accomplish all this and more.


  • Manufacturing processes and activities are performed accurately and timely
  • Greater operational productivity and efficiency
  • Employees arrival and departure times are accurate
  • No more being late from breaks
  • Time and money is saved on reduced/eliminated clock maintenance

Need Help Finding The Right Industrial Wireless Clock System For Factory or Manufacturing Facility?

Contact Innovation Wireless Today. Our sales staff can help you create a synchronised wireless clock system for your site.

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