Why KRONOsync® Wireless Clock System?

Why the KRONOsync® Wireless Clock System from Innovation Wireless is the correct choice for providing Accurate, Reliable Synchronised Clocks throughout all types of facilities.


  1. Enhanced technological design and sophistication packed into a small, light and durable unit, requiring very limited space.
  2. Unlike many of the master regulator clocks for sale on the market today the KRONOsync® system has easy to use feature functionality, allowing quick, simple “Plug and Play” set up and operation.
  3. Many competing wireless clocks require time consuming and complicated external installations necessary in providing proper facility coverage. The KRONOsync® does not!!! All without compromising the power and transmitted signal strength needed to ensure reliable building penetration and accurate time synchronisation.
  4. No outside roof mounted antenna is necessary, saving time and money.
  5. Our Ultra High Frequency (UHF) transmission is optimal for the type of signalling necessary to provide consistent, reliable transmission that easily penetrates various building materials such as thick stone, steel frame and concrete throughout your facility.
  6. All this, at an affordable cost that is lower than other existing systems.
Wireless Clock at Dixons City Academy, Bradford

Products In The KRONOsync®Wireless Clock System Range

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