Indoor Digital Clocks

Indoor Digital Clocks ZAS-10 and ZBS-10

Indoor Digital Clocks. Smart, powder coated steel construction. LED Clocks with 10cm high digits. PoE (Power over Ethernet) power and network synchronisation with browser control or IR remote.

This small range of Indoor Digital Clocks is available with 4 and 6 digit displays. With an approximate viewing distance of up to 35-40m, these clocks are ideal for indoor use in schools, collecges, universities, offices, commercial settings etc.

Time Synchronisation

Time in the clocks can be set manually by the user or using the function of automatic time synchronisation:

NTP time server client

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a communication protocol supporting precise, stable and safe synchronisation of clocks with any time server through the computer network. A great advantage of this solution is possibility of simultaneous synchronisation of a large number of devices. The synchronisation may be executed:

– from your own local time server Internet access is not required

– from a public remote time server Internet access is required

Every clock can be configured as a local NTP time server as described below.

The advantages of the NTP synchronization:

– provides precise time synchronisation with the NTP servers
– possibility of simultaneous synchronisation of many clocks from the same server
– operation of five different time servers (1 primary and 4 alternative) provides reliable synchronisation.
– changing the time server from the primary to an alternative one is carried out automatically when a failure is detected.

The NTP time synchronisation is carried out via the Ethernet (the interface is included in the standard equipment of every clock).

Function of the local NTP time server

Every clock of the ZAS/ZBS series may be a central clock (MASTER) which, in the LAN, will provide the time source for other clocks (Slave). In consequence, it is easy to create a clock system in which the central clock can receive time from: a public NTP server or its own internal clock.
Providing synchronised time to all clocks guarantees that everybody uses the same time source. It is extremely important for workplaces, production halls, schools, stations, platforms, etc.

Indoor Digital Clock ZAS-10L PoE


Brochure (.pdf)

– ClockSet software


Settings Management – Web Panel

Every device has a built-in WEB PANEL, which is available through the computer network in the Internet browser. The management through the WEB PANEL may be carried out using a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or another device providing the Internet browser.

The advantages of the solution:

– embedded functionality
– clear and tabular preview of the settings (the website)
– possibility of managing many devices from one place through the computer network
– possibility of remote management through the Internet
from any location World-Wide.

Indoor Digital Clock Web Panel

Settings Management – Remote Control

To mangage the devices you may use the IR remote control. The remote control is assigned to one or more clocks. It is also possible to assign many remote controls to one clock.

The advantages of this solution:

– operation without a computer
– no need of installing a computer network
– direct verification of the applied changes on the device display


– IR remote control is an optional accessory. Some functions or settings may be unavailable

IR Remote Control


ZAS-10 PoE

Indoor Digital Clock ZAS-10 PoE Technical Drawing
ZAS-10 Spec

ZBS-10 PoE

Indoor Digital Clock ZBS-10 PoE Technical Drawing
ZBS 10 PoE Spec

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