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In Business and Commerce efficiency is paramount. Today more than ever, the corporate workplace must function in an orderly and systematic manner to have a positive impact on the bottom line. Time really is money. The absence of reliable, correct time can cause multiple breakdowns in the office setting. Employees coming to work late and leaving early, meetings and appointments delayed and scheduling conflicts, all can adversely impact company productivity.

Smart yet simple clock styles provide synchronised accuracy of time throught the building irespective of the control, be that wireless, WiFi or PoE.

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Our Synchronised Time & Notification Systems will accomplish all this and more for our business and commerce customers.

  • Operational efficiency
  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Improved coordination of time and events at multiple locations within your retail or office facility
  • Consistency between wall clocks and computer time for your office building
  • Clarity in audio announcements and alerts under emergency situations
Susiness and Commerce

Need Help Finding The Right Synchronised Clock System For Your Office Building or Commercial Property?

Contact Innovation Wireless Today. Our sales staff can help you create a synchronised wireless clock system for your site.

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