Maintenance Free Clock Systems

Innovation Wireless Maintenance Free Clock Systems. No need for ongoing maintenance with our fully automatic and synchronised systems.

Maintenance issues have always been a concern for facility departments and when it comes to clock systems it is no different. Facility departments are accomplishing more with fewer personnel in today’s competitively tight environment.  In order for facility departments to operate at a high level of efficiency, routine maintenance and service must be kept to a minimum.

The operational demand to have accurate and reliable time systems has always existed for many organizations in different industries. Time is the keystone of productivity.

n healthcare, hospital patients are charted by time as soon as they arrive at the hospital.  Medicines are administrated and medical procedures are performed based on accurate time. In K-12 schools and colleges where you are moving students from class to class, building to building based on a time schedule, accurate synchronised clocks are a requirement.  In business time is money; production and break schedules, meeting, etc… require accurate time in order for an organisation to perform at their optimal level.

Until wireless clock systems became an option low voltage wired synchronised clock systems were the only way to obtain synchronised clocks. The wired systems provide for synchronised time but they also carry the added cost of maintenance and periodic service.

Advanced wireless clock technology from Innovation Wireless eliminates the maintenance issues, concerns and problems.

Organisations that need accurate reliable clocks in order to be more efficient and productive with their time rely on Innovation Wireless to deliver a high quality maintenance free clock system. Innovation Wireless’ customers span the entire spectrum of industry and government.

The linchpin of the synchronised wireless analogue clocks is the Takane movement. This highly valued clock movement delivers the precision and quality needed to have a synchronised analog clock. Innovation Wireless chose the Takane movement because all press dies and moulds for this movement are from top grade hardened steel. This all contributes to the clock’s extended product life, thereby, providing years of service and reliability.

Additionally, the efficiencies of this clock systems movement creates a positive impact on the battery life. With two standard D cell batteries the wireless analogue clocks will only require a battery change every five years. When you purchase the battery operated analogue clocks you can hang the clocks on the wall and not touch it for five years. A customer can mix and match both digital and analogue clocks with all clocks automatically adjusting for daylight saving time.

Innovation Wireless Maintenance Free Clock System

The KRONOsync®transmitter is the heart of the wireless system. It receives its time from either GPS satellites or from the customer’s computer network. Either method is simple and straight forward and does not require any ongoing maintenance or programming.

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