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Our SMART Message Boards (IP – Poe Message Boards) are vital for communicating safety messages, announcements and upcoming events throughout your school, campus, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility or corporate offices.

We offer three different types of SMART Message Boards; a single line board, a large double line board and a Multi-Function Board. This technology allows you to display not only messages but also the time, date and day.

We offer the boards as a single and dual line display. Determine what size is best for your facility. You can also mix and match them so you end up with the exact size for the area the board is located.

You can play recorded messages. These messages can be emergency type of messages or a standard message that needs to be played at a scheduled time. An example of an emergency message would be “LOCKDOWN”. When a lockdown condition occurs simply execute that message and it will be displayed on all your boards.

You are able to group or zone messages to certain boards with the PoE Software this allows you to tailor your messages to particular units or locations.

SMART Message Board – Small

Single Line SMART Message Board

The single line SMART Message Board will display time in a number of different formats and display messages. The time will be accurate synchronised time because it will use a reliable time source.

The time source is always the starting point for synchronised time. You will have the option of using the time provided from an official source on the internet or from an in-house network time protocol server which resides on your Ethernet Network.

The messages you what to display on your single line board will be executed from the application software which resides on the communication server module and is accessed via a browser.

The communication server module is the hub that will direct all the communications for the message boards. It is important to note that the message boards and the server module must reside on the same network in order to talk to each other.

You messages can be pre-recorded and stored on the system. This allows for quick retrieval and display onto the single line board. These would be normal type of messages. An example would be “LOCKDOWN”. When a lockdown condition occurs simply execute that message and it will be displayed.

You can also display real time message by just typing in the desired message in the software. You are able to group or zone messages to certain boards. This allows you to tailor your messages to particular units or locations.

SMART Message Board – Large

Our Large SMART Message Board can function as a double line or a single line message board. This board has the largest area to visually display the messages.

It is the perfect board for so many different room sizes or hallways. The ability to display messages in a double line or single line format is a highly regarded feature of the message board.

It can be combined with our other message board to allow you to select the correct board for the room and application. All the boards will be controlled by application software that resides on the communication server module.

The software is accessed by a browser by typing in the IP address of the server. Users can be assigned different user permissions based on their responsibilities within the organisation.

Dual Line SMART Message Board

Multi Function SMART Message Board

Multi Function SMART Message Board

Our Multi-Function SMART Message Board is highly regarded because of its ability to communicate with text messages, audio and strobe light.
Text messages can be displayed in a single or double line format. When the board is not displaying messages it will display accurate, reliable synchronised time.

Synchronised time is a strong feature for the system. All message boards will display the same messages all the time. This feature is attractive not only to schools but also to higher education, manufacturing and warehousing.



  • Single or Dual Line Display
  • Customised Pre-Recorded Messages
  • Individual or Group Messages
  • Time/Date Display
  • Tri-Colour LED (Red, Green, Orange)
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Variable Scrolling Speed
  • Unlimited Characters
  • Highly Visible LED Display
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Maintenance Free

Requires Universal Server Module (USM)

Features – (Multi-Function)

  • Tone, Text & Voice Communications Audible and Visual Notifications
  • Selectable Volume Control
  • Multiple Zones
  • Impact Resistant
  • Indoor Applications
  • Maintenance Free
  • Count Down Capability

Requires Universal Server Module (USM)

SMART Message Board Functions

We use Tri-Colour LEDs in our units. This allows you to display messages in Red, Green and Orange. The brightness can be adjusted to the room where the display board is located.

Additionally, the messages can be displayed in static or at a scrolling speed. There is virtually no maintenance with this state of the art system.

One of the time benefits of these displays will automatically adjust for daylight saving time both in the spring and in the autumn.

SMART Message Boards Specifications


Single Line -1.3 lbs (0.59kg) Dual Line-4.2 lbs (1,91kg)

Message Board Sizes

Single Une – 4.5” H X 12.8″ W X 1.7” D (11,43cm x 32.51 cm x 4.32cm) Dual Line – 6.3” H X 25.6” W X 1.57” D (16cm x 65cm x 3.99cm)

Power Supply:

PoE (IEEE 802.3af) or AC Power (Dual Line Message Board Only)

Operating Range:

(Temperature): 32° F-12O0 F (0° C – 49° C)


Viewing Distance

100 Feet (3,048cm)

Data Form

Single Line – 7 character spaces – unlimited scrolling Dual Line -14 character spaces – unlimited scrolling

LED Size and Colour:

Single Line – 2.75” H (6.98cm H) Tri-Color LEDs (Red/Green/Orange) Dual Line – 4.75” H (12.06cm H) Tri-Color LEDs (Red/Green/Orange)

Material (Frame and Lens Construction):

ABS Plastic Case/Acrylic Lens

Single & Dual Line Message Boards Dimensional Drawings

Multi-Function SMART Message Board Specifications

Designed for Indoor Applications

Up to 30W Continuous Power


  • Dimensions: 6.3125” H x 21.875” W x 2.5” D (24.638cm H x 18.542cm W x 16.51cm D)
  • Weight: 6.14 lbs (2.78 kg)
  • Power: PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Operating Temp Range: 14ºF – 130ºF / -10ºC – 54ºC
  • Humidity: 0% – 95% Non-Condensing
  • Frame: ABS and Powder Coated Iron
  • Mesh Color: Black
  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 20KHz
  • Sound Level: 90 db @ 1 meter
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
Multi Function SMART Message Board Dimensional Drawing

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