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Synchronised Wireless Clocks

Hospitals & healthcare facilities rely tremendously on the ability to record time accurately throughout every department. All charts, reports, and recorded procedures require consistent time notations. Dispensing medication, documenting patient files, obtaining lab test results and monitoring of surgical procedures all can have tremendous humane, ethical and legal consequences if the correct time in which these medical activities performed is not correct. Can your facility really afford to take such a gamble? Well, now you don’t have to.

The KRONOsync® Wireless Synchronised Time System will accomplish all this and more.

  • Consistent time accuracy for logging medications, emergency procedures
    and medical records.
  • Minimised legal exposure.
  • Reduced billing and insurance disputes.
  • Synchronisation of wall clocks with medical instrumentation.
  • Control outpatient and visiting activities.
  • Save time and money on labour costs

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Contact Innovation Wireless Today. Our sales staff can help you create a synchronised wireless clock system for your healthcare site or sites.

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